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About us

FLYONTIME offers the air transportation services of passengers, cargo, mail, aircraft purchasing, sales and leasing mediation and aircraft management.

Our experienced qualified team guarantees you professional services reflecting your requirements. Experience, flexibility, quality and safety contribute to the provision of our services at a high level.

Your satisfaction is our first priority and therefore our team always try to reach to the realization of your inquiry with the greatest enthusiasm and interest.



Our Services

Our Services

Cargo transportation

Do you need fast and reliable services for your small or large shipment?
Extra sensitive goods, urgent or oversized shipments we can move for you by aircraft and use proper solution in accordance to your requirements. Shipment can be accompanied by onboard courier as well.


Passenger transportation

Is your time precious and don't want to lose it by neverending travelling?

Want to enjoy fast and comfortable services during your business trip?

Wish to enjoy a extraordinary experience?

In a hurry and other options for quick transportation to the destination missing?

If you answered YES at least once we bring the solution just for you. Whether you fly with us for a business meetings, work, or other duties, for a vacation, a trip to the sea, the mountains, golf, dinner ... We always deliver you to the airport closest to your destination. You never wait for the plane, but the plane waits for you. We can check in your flight from any airport in the Czech Republic within 6 hours from confirmation and provide you with other services associated with the flight, whether it is a hotel booking, taxi, limousine services etc. Your satisfaction and our discretion is our top priority.


Mediation of purchase, sale or lease of aircraft


Aircraft management

Private plane could mean much more than "just" move you anytime and anywhere you need. It is a machine that requires a professional management and support to reach its maximum utilization. FLYONTIME offers complete solution in terms of management and operation of your aircraft, 24/7 services throughout the year and provides all the obligations regarding the air legislation, the location in the hangar, securing the trained crew and many other issues related to its operation. FLYONTIME helps to its partners to use their aircraft as valuable investment by using the it for the charter flights. Than the ownership of the aircraft becomes just a pleasant and very comfortable matter.


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